What do director-only businesses need to do about pension auto-enrolment?

If your company has been sent a letter from the Pension Regulator informing you of your staging date, in connection with pension auto-enrolment, you will need to act.
Provided you are the sole director of the business or you are one of a number of directors and none of you have employment contracts then all you need to do is inform the Pension Regulator of this fact and that is the full extent of your obligation. Fail to do this and your company could be in for a fine starting at £400.
The Regulator has prepared a template email to assist which can be found at here.
Once you have prepared the email forward it to customersupport@autoenrol.tpr.gov.uk
More information and guidance is available at http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk
If your company does not meet the criteria stated above or you require further assistance, Pulse can help. In the first instance please contact Karen Warby at karen@pulseaccountants.co.uk

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